About Me

Jesse J. Holland is an award-winning author, journalist and television personality. He is the author of Black Panther: Who Is the Black Panther? novel and the Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Finn’s Story young adult novel. He also is the editor and one of the authors featured in Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda anthology, and the upcoming Captain America: The Shield of Sam Wilson anthology from Marvel and Titan Books. He also wrote the classic nonfiction books The Invisibles: Untold Stories of African American Slaves in the White House and Black Men Built the Capitol: Discovering African American History In and Around Washington, D.C. Jesse is also an active journalist, currently guest hosting C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and appearing on such shows as NPR's Here and Now. He is currently writing and producing his first documentary, as well as working on a new anthology, a new nonfiction book and his first original novel. Jesse was a longtime Race & Ethnicity writer for The Associated Press, as well as serving as a White House, Supreme Court and Congressional reporter. During his two decades in the nation’s capital, he was one of the few reporters to be a credentialed member of all three members of the major Washington press corps. He is currently the associate director of the School of Media & Public Affairs at George Washington University.

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